Tank Girl Inspiration

After a summer diving into alan moore and tank girl comics I arise bright eyed bushey tailed and have absolutely NO idea what I want to do for my BFA


so heres a spread from tank girl I liked alot. I have a painting 2 class, and I know one of the assignments is to create a series of 50 paintings. I’m wanting to incorporate collaged photographs into that piece (maybe it will be my BFA) and since my obsession with graphic novels has expanded (thanks to not being in illustration anymore) I know I want to make the series of 50 read like a spread in V FOR VENDETTA. but so, bluuuuh yeah here is it


One thought on “Tank Girl Inspiration

  1. T.J. says:

    First off, this is pretty damn sweeto.One of the spiffy things about you doing this is that the image of the comics and cut-paper-neatness really harkens back to the Zines of old (CometBus, Trailer Trash, Alarm, etc.) that used to feature snippets of Tank Girl! in the early 90’s. I know this because I’m /oooollllldddd/ and used to steal them from my aunt and mother to read. The style, started really because it was a cheap (very cheap at the time) form of visual sampling (not too different from a mash-up, or mix-tape if you ask me) and (I feel) lead to a whole decade’s worth of inspiration in the U.S. (and was taken much, much further in Japan.) So while you probably already know these things, what you may not know is that old people get really nostalgic about cool things like this, and you should use said nostalgia to see if Rufus Dayglo would give you some commentary on your work. It might be neat to have a couple of quotes from him in the showing, and he puts up with nerdy fans like myself all the time. Shoot him a line, I’m sure he’ll write back.

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