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I dont know if I tell him this enough, or at all, but my partner is the most beautiful man I have ever met. These will be painted soon


Painting 2 Week 1 homework assignment

had to do a painting a day. for my series i did ladies playing with their hair.

Next self Portrait

Crown me the merry lord of this rule.

With a cracked mask,

late hangover and a ragged suit.

Well I curb sided, I crept from sleep.
Some stranger left behind his reeds.

Crown me the merry lord of this road


Tank Girl Inspiration

After a summer diving into alan moore and tank girl comics I arise bright eyed bushey tailed and have absolutely NO idea what I want to do for my BFA


so heres a spread from tank girl I liked alot. I have a painting 2 class, and I know one of the assignments is to create a series of 50 paintings. I’m wanting to incorporate collaged photographs into that piece (maybe it will be my BFA) and since my obsession with graphic novels has expanded (thanks to not being in illustration anymore) I know I want to make the series of 50 read like a spread in V FOR VENDETTA. but so, bluuuuh yeah here is it